Art in Common series explores mix of art forms

Margaretville — The “Art in Common” series brings another engaging “Artists at Work” session to the Margaretville Commons on Main Street on Saturday, March 21, from 4 to 7 p.m.  Talks, demonstrations refreshments and even some hands-on opportunities will be offered.
Upstairs at the Longyear Gallery, member artists Nat Thomas and Ellen Wong will present “The Art of Collage.” Wong, an art teacher in the NYC school system, will guide attendees through an illustrated history of the medium. Thomas will then lead a discussion on the examples of collage currently on display at the Longyear. In Pandora’s Boxes, a 10-panel work inspired by this presentation, he embodies his underlying theme using swatches of antique wallpaper.
Three artisan demonstrations will also be featured at the Commons that evening. Robin Bruck-Tanner of Loving Earth Studio has always enjoyed designing and creating functional objects for everyday use. “In my pottery,” she explains, “I work primarily on the wheel, enjoying the process as the clay comes alive in my hands and rests finally in a shape that speaks to my sense of balance and functionality.” Her current interest is in creating classical forms enhanced through carved or embossed surface treatments inspired by nature, textiles and her work in knitting and weaving. In her demonstration Bruck-Tanner will display some of the methods she uses to lend texture to the surface of the clay. Participants can experiment with these techniques and make a small dish.
Carlyle Bradford also works with her hands employing one of nature’s oldest forms of ceramics — concrete. She will be showing how she molds this organically mixed stony material into functional pieces of home and garden sculpture inspired by nature’s beautiful leaves, vines, branches and moss. 
Lauren and Rhonda Epps of Art with Attitude attended a class in copper foiled stained glass five years ago. “We were both hooked and have been working with glass since.” 
The couple’s initial passion for stained glass was confirmed, and this led to further exploration of glass-making techniques. They have since delved into fused glass and lamp worked bead making. They both agree, “It’s interesting how very different each branch of the glass field is; but full circle, it’s amazing just how much it’s all the same.”  For this session, the Epps will demonstrate the making of the same type of lamp worked beads that they offer in the Catskill Mountain Artisans Guild shop in the Commons.
Art in Common is a weekly series of events and demonstrations by area artists, artisans, musicians and writers.  For a complete schedule, visit or call 845 586-3443.