Arkville water system upgrades to be put into service

Staff report
The new well for the Arkville Water District will be into service this week, Middletown officials have announced.

Activation of the well will mark the completion of the majority of the water system upgrade that was begun in August 2011.

The project includes installation of new water mains from Frank Street to the Delaware & Ulster Railroad, installation of a new primary well on the grounds behind the railroad, the elimination of several “dead ends” in the system to improve water flow and the purchase and installation of new water meters.

A secondary phase of the project will be raising the pump house of the current well, located on Pavilion Road, so that it’s situated above flood levels. That work, which is entirely grant-funded, will be completed next spring. The Pavilion Road well will eventually serve as the system backup water source.

Upgrades to the Arkville Water District were deemed a priority because of the lack of a back-up well. The project was approved for federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding in 2008. The upgrade was originally expected to cost about $1.9 million with grants covering all but about $475,000. This balance would be funded by a low-interest loan repaid by district taxpayers over a 38-year period. trong>

Loan drops to $377,000