Are you satisfied with America?


To The Editor:
It is being able to “print” endless amounts of money through little more than computer entries that Washington is able to not only spend massive amounts of dollars building its extraordinarily unconstitutional secret Police State to spy upon us but also as wasted funds being spent on our endless imperial wars. These dollars should have been used on upgrading our crumbling infrastructures and providing desperately needed services for our own people instead of being used to fund an international killing machine.
The continuing revelations of Washington’s agenda of spying on everyone, everywhere is also causing an ongoing international backlash. Whether Americans and the rest of the world acquiesce to this global totalitarian dictatorship may prove to be the decisive event determining whether Western Man will ever again be able to live in freedom.
Our government cannot tolerate a single brave voice of conscience like Edward Snowden, but there is now a hint of change in the air. Every day, fewer people watch the old dinosaur TV networks for news, and fewer read their newspapers. The New York Times bought The Boston Globe for $1.1 billion in 1993, but recently sold it for just $70 million, a 93 percent loss. Newsweek was sold in 2012 for the unprincely sum of exactly $1. By contrast, every day the internet grows as a legitimate news source. Ron Paul recently started his own news channel, It will soon have an audience larger than that of our alien-owned and controlled ABC, CBS, NBS, CNN, and FOX News, all agents of misinformation.
As a result, we are now witnessing the astoundingly rapid growth of both the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements, which demonstrates the American people’s loss of faith in this utterly corrupt two-party system.
Example: While millions of our people are desperate to find employment, and millions more are trying to survive on food stamps, those flatulent old gasbags in our Congress (who you voted for) give their OKs to the borrowing of even more billions from China so that they can give it away to other countries as “Foreign Aid.” This is absolute madness – shyster madness indicative of this old Democratic/Republican con game. Descent is growing. Recognition is finally building that the “progressive” Magical Obama is merely a continuation of the old nightmarish Bush regime.
The USS America, with too many no-nothing “sailors” on board, is now a rudderless ship adrift on an endless sea of wars, lies, and deceptions waiting for “The Captain” to take charge and steer her safely back to shore and back to her former glory.
America was founded as a Republic, never as a democracy. Alexander Hamilton was quoted saying, “Anyone who believes in democracy deserves everything they get.” My friends, are you satisfied with what you are getting today? America Awake!

E.O. England, Arkville