April 9, 2008: Forgotten periods


To The Editor:
I just wanted to say how delighted I was to read Bill Birns’ column regarding the indigenous groups that once inhabited this area seasonally. 
I am an archaeologist teaching and working on my Ph.D. at Binghamton University. Since moving here last summer I have been surprised at the many artifacts I have found while hiking around with my family.‚ÄÇ
While I have not conducted any formal study here, it is my opinion that there were either more native people here than we believe, or that they were here far longer than surmised.‚ÄÇ
My thanks to Bill for bringing to light such forgotten periods of time. Please let me know if I can be of any service. I am more than happy to explore the area informally.

Brian T. BroadRose, Ph.D. candidate
Binghamton University