April 30, 2008: Dismayed over bridge controversy


To The Editor:
It was dismaying to read of the conflict between the Town of Middletown and the owners of Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm, Jim and Susan Kelly. The thought of possibly losing that quaint, charming and very unique Bed & Breakfast is also heart-wrenching. What a financial and aesthetic loss it would be to the area!
This Bed & Breakfast encapsulates both a history of this part of Delaware County, as well as its unspoiled beauty! And, it also offers the pleasant recreations of canoeing and kayaking. I don’t know of a more exquisite and interesting place to stay in the area. Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm is, in my mind, irreplaceable. Is the property listed on the registry of historical places? If not, perhaps it should be.
I can’t understand the necessity of risking the destruction of this gem of a Bed & Breakfast for an expansion of the nearby bridge. Isn’t there any other solution?
I can imagine that, with all the floods that have happened in recent years, the town probably wants to build proactively, so that the new bridge is not just washed away. Maybe they can replace the existing bridge with the same sized bridge, only built stronger?
My heart goes out to everyone involved in this conflict because both sides of the issue are legitimate and important. It is my sincere hope that a solution can be found that will both satisfy the need for a sturdy new bridge while at the same time preserving Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm and the character of the town.

Naomi Hirschfeld,