April 22, 2009: Many Mexicans are here illegally


To The Editor:
How many of the “Mexican Community” in Fleischmanns, currently featured in the documentary by Jessica Vecchione of Hamden, are here illegally? My impression is that Fleischmanns and the surrounding area is loaded with illegal aliens, Mexican and otherwise. These illegal aliens are here by breaking our laws. They sneaked in illegally!
They steal our services: medical, welfare, law enforcement, jobs, Social Security numbers, etc. I’d like to know how many of the Mexican kids you say go to Margaretville Central School are illegal aliens, getting educated at the expense of area and other state residents?
It’s great that we’re all immigrants of one kind or another but let’s not put the illegal aliens in the same category as people who came here legally.
I will remind you of the case of the junkyard in Fleischmanns reportedly selling insurance illegally. They were caught when a local illegal alien had a car accident. I recall the person didn’t even have a driver’s license. How would you like to be hit by someone who is here illegally and has no genuine insurance or license?
Here’s a quote from the North Country Gazette, 02/13/2008 about that case: “Hrazanek (owner of junkyard in Fleischmanns) is accused of fraudulently providing insurance and auto registrations for used cars with high mileage that he sold to unlicensed drivers. In some cases, Hrazanek is alleged to have provided insurance and registrations for used cars that unlicensed drivers purchased elsewhere and brought to him.
Police identified the unlicensed drivers as undocumented immigrants living mostly in Delaware and Ulster counties. Under New York State law, only U.S. citizens or legal residents may apply for driver’s licenses and applicants must have valid identification, such as a Social Security card. Investigators said none of the individuals had Social Security cards.”

Robert B. Cruickshank,