April 2, 2008: Feel compelled


To The Editor:

Wow, I never planned to write this letter, as I didn’t want to sound like sour grapes. In light of the attitudes of the two write-in candidates who won, I felt compelled.
For Mr. Miller and Mr. Budin to feel that they have the support of the residents of the Village of Margaretville after receiving 25 votes is sad and pathetic. If they truly wanted to see if they had the support of the residents, they should have filed petitions and let it play out. I know, write-ins are a legal means, but this showing did not show any signs of support.
Hopefully Mr. Miller and Mr. Budin will be a little more upfront and honest than they were in their election.
I have given the village 12 years as a trustee and was the first female to ever serve on the board.
I offer my sincere thanks to all who supported me over the years. I enjoyed it, and felt I always put what was best for the Village of Margaretville first. Thank you.

Teresa Goodchild,