April 1, 2009: Why is it that state isn't playing?


To The Editor:
I’d like to respond to a letter written by Ms. Bauer in the Catskill Mountain News.
First, if anyone had a question as to rather this development that she represents is trying to entangle itself with the Belleayre Ski Center,  I guess she has pretty well answered that question. All along, this development has been trying to ride in on the tails of a public Belleayre Ski Center to benefit its own agenda. She states that Belleayre Ski Center is a treasure  and brings in 200,000 visitors a year, then I guess Belleayre Ski Center is doing well. Then why not take our taxpayer money and put it into expanding Belleayre rather then waste it on a risky development much like the ones that are going belly up all over. Keep Belleayre a family treasure, not a play ground for the rich to tuck away in its own private treasure chest.
She goes on to say that New York State will not be investing in a private enterprise. Maybe not openly, but it will be investing rather you realize it or not. That will happen through your taxes. Here is an example. We have heard that we have more then enough forever-wild land. Then why is it, at a time when Governor Patterson is taxing everything but our belly buttons, that the state is planning on buying 1,200 acres of land with our tax money from a private developer? I would say  that is using  our money to invest in a private enterprise.
She said there will be no new infrastructure, that our roads can handle it. I guess where she drives she must have a blindfold on. We need infrastructure jobs, but for us who use these roads, not for the benefit of some fancy resort.
Ms. Bauer also keeps saying we. They have said from the start that they will probably sell this venture to someone else so how can they guarantee anything as far as jobs go.
She says they have requested no stimulus money. Why would they need to, just sit back and see how much Belleayre Ski Center gets and ride on that. Once again entangling  a private development with a public ski center. And one way or another your tax dollars will end up there.
I know Ms. Margolis and I know she supports Belleayre Ski Center just like the rest of us. We are not anti development, we are just for responsible development. Take it off the top of the mountain and make it small enough to fit in with our rural setting. Ms. Margolis may not need a job here, but she pays taxes here and supports our local economy.

Bernadette Beyea,