April 1, 2009: Tea party planned in Stamford


To The Editor:
This is an invitation to everyone to meet on April 4 at Rexmere Lake in Stamford. There will be a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party at 7 p.m.
The reason for this reenactment is to protest the apparent government bailouts, takeovers, tax hikes, etc. All the way from the federal, state to the local governments. A prime example is the federal government cannot even break even on a cafeteria for the congressman, how can they possibly expect to run the business of an entire country.
All that is required is that you bring your own “Tea,” either loose or in bag form. Indian dress and tomahawks are optional. It is suggested that you wear footwear fit for running fast in case the Department of Environmental Protection should appear.

Jim Hitchcock,