Andes Round Table support


To The Editor:
I want to thank your reporter Geoff Samuels for his excellent reporting of the Andes Round Table session on October 17, which featured Alan White, executive director of the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development. He summarized very well Alan’s coverage of the CCCD’s efforts to promote green energy in the region by implementing much of the same at the center’s buildings.
Alan himself did a great job in describing the many green opportunities people have for heating their homes and feeding themselves. As usual there were many questions and discussion ensuing, which is what the Andes Round Table is all about.

One small correction of Geoff’s article: he named me as the ‘primary facilitator’ of the Round Table, which I am not. We have five facilitators of equal stature and importance these being, Josh Bobley, Maria Ditchek, Sharon Ruetenik, Bill Piervincenzi and myself all playing important roles recruiting presenters, thinking of topics for discussion, enhancing the discussion, maintaining decorum rarely needed, collecting the $2 fee, and making the coffee.

For those not familiar with the Round Table, we meet every Wednesday evening in the renovated historical Hunting Tavern on Main Street in Andes, which is owned and maintained by the Andes Historical Society to which half of the $2 fee goes, the balance for coffee and other expenses.
The presentation or topic of discussion is printed in the Catskill Mountain News under “That’s Entertainment.” It is also sent out through e-mail the Sunday previous and if you would like to be included in this notice you can send me a request at

Also if you have a pertinent topic you would like to present or know of someone who would please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jack McShane,