An ode to Esther's legend


To The Editor:
I read of Esther’s retirement in the paper last week and remembered from when I worked at the News what a prankster she was. I got her back really good one time several days after she’d brought her baked beans to a luncheon at the paper. Her recipe was a closely-guarded secret and she shared it with no one. A couple of days later I brought in some graph charts and gave them to her. She looked at them quite bewildered until I told her I had taken some of her leftover beans home and had my husband analyze them at work. He was a chemist for Graham Labs at the time. I told her not only did I know what the secret ingredients were, but I knew the amounts. The look on her face? Priceless! I really had her going. I let her sweat that one out for days before I finally “fessed up.”

She used to write “Odes” for people who worked at the News when they moved on or retired. I still have the one she wrote me. She got me in the habit of writing them for people I’ve worked with and I must admit it, I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Susan Fortier,