All students deserve honorable mention


To The Editor:
This is to commend all the students that entered the Mia Steiners at MCS.
After attending the awards ceremony I felt the need to acknowledge the effort put into your work, and the ability to put yourselves out there.
You are all equal in quality and should be proud of the works you produced. Amazing stuff by amazing kids.
It’s important to note that no one person is better then the other or that anyone is more deserving then the other. And if you need to hear that again, just ask! You all produced great work.
Be you. Be proud of you. Know that you are the prize and we are the lucky ones able to enjoy the work you share with us.
A judgment is simply an opinion.
Your work is simply amazing. Never be afraid to put yourself out there based on anyone’s opinion.
Be you. Do what you do. Keep entering and showing what you have put forth. Courage.
That’s the honor to mention.

Deana Pereira, Arkville