Accusation just plain silly


To The Editor:
Anyone who knows me would probably agree that I am a strong, opinionated, outspoken woman. I might hope that they would also agree with fairly intelligent and hardworking. For 15 years, I have worked at the News with Brian Sweeney.

During these years, we have disagreed on a laundry list of subjects ranging from national and local

politics to my utter disinterest in his beloved baseball. Brian has always been respectful of my opinions. He has gracefully conceded when I have made a point, apologized when he felt he had gone to far and kindly accepted my apology when I had stepped over the line. I will admit that he has good-naturedly gloated when I have had to concede a point!

Never in all those years has Brian treated me with anything but respect and neither my gender nor my strong will have ever been an issue.

Clearly Brian Sweeney, in his role as a Middletown Town Board member and Town of Middletown Supervisor Marge Miller are at odds. However, the idea that their conflict is based on the fact that she is a woman is just plain silly. Further, that accusation is unnecessary, unkind and flat out untrue.

As in any issue, there are two sides; that is the nature of conflict. I urge everyone to read reports of the issues as well as attend meetings and ask questions. Then make your own decision. But make that decision on the facts, not on some baseless personal accusation.

Doris Warner,