6th Annual Shandaken Art tour

By Jay Braman Jr.
Six years ago, a few artists in Shandaken had an idea. What if, they thought, a tour was set up in which people would make a day out of traveling around the town to check out the art studios where art was actually created?
Would anyone do that?

They found out immediately that the answer is a resounding yes.
On July 20 and 21 this summer, art lovers can take in the sixth-annual tour and enjoy a few other attractions along the way, according to artist/promoter Dave Channon.
“We serve up our sixth year with new sculpture parks, and a spoken word performance kick-off party on Friday the 19th in Phoenicia at Mama’s Boy,” he said this week.

Channon said that visitors will have privileged access into the fascinating world of over 30 artists, galleries and outdoor exhibition spaces from Highmount to Mount Tremper and slightly beyond.
He adds that the tour is meant to be a chance to indulge in the wonders of the artist’s creations.
“Engorge yourself on painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, and some obscure objects of desire that defy description,” said Channon. “Sample Joan Hall, Allan Skriloff, Christie Scheele, Carla Shapiro, Ralph Persons, Dave Channon, Judith Singer, Astrid Nordness, Gavin Owen, Bronson Eden, and many more. From molten glass at Hot Stuff to performance body art by S. B. Woods and Sunday Dawne-Marie’s Skinflower tattoo studio.”

Atop Highmount there’s also what is called the 49A Sculpture Park on the Rt. 49A road frontage of Galli-Curci historic estate in Highmount, just past the entrance to the Belleayre Ski area.
On Saturday night everyone winds up at the Arts Upstairs on Main Street in Phoenicia, where the gallery will hold its own festive opening. Channon encourages all to come and mingle with artists and art lovers beginning at 6 p.m.

The Art Studio tours start at 11a.m. both days and ends at 5 p.m..
For more information contact Channon at 688-2977 or go to www.shandakenart.com for lots of info the artists, their works and a cool map of the tour.