2008 Best Service Awards

By Margaret Inge
In its 11th year, the Catskill Best Service Awards continues to serve as a testament to the value of excellent service. The volume of votes cast substantiates the fact that customers appreciate the difference and are anxious to express their appreciation. Quality of service is a primary factor in the success of every business. Join us in congratulating those businesses and service providers who have distinguished themselves to their customers by the consistent delivery of high quality service.
This year’s award recipients were selected through a balloting process in November and December. Readers of this paper completed the ballots by naming those whose services they deemed excellent. Over 500 ballots were submitted and 1,023 businesses and individuals were nominated in Delaware, Greene, Otsego and Ulster counties.
The ballots continue to illustrate that people will travel for excellent service; a typical ballot included a florist in one village, a physician 30 miles away and other service providers 20 miles in the opposite direction. Few nominated businesses in every single category; but more than ever, people named those whose services are excellent; while the total number of ballots increased by about 10 percent, the total number of votes almost doubled to 6,023.
The leaders in terms of the total number of votes received include familiar names and others new to this level of recognition: Fred Miller of Miller’s Drug Store received over 100 votes, followed closely by Brookside Hardware and Home Goods of Margaretville who each received over 75 votes. Those receiving over 50 votes included The Flower Shop in Fleischmanns, Wildflowers in Margaretville, Quarltere’s Garden and Market Place in Roxbury, Joanne McLaughlin, N.P., of Family Health in Roxbury, John Caronia, DDS, Daniel Sullivan, DVM of Grand Gorge Animal Hospital, Hinkley Electric, Sanford Auto Parts, Z Painting, The Roxbury, Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties, CVS, Margaretville Liquors and E & D Spirit Shop.
Congratulations to these winners of the Catskill Best Service Awards!


Cleaning Services
1. Maid My Day, Roxbury
2. Laura O’Connor — Green Cleaning, Margaretville
3. Barbara Ackerly, Andes

1. Phil & Nick Finch Land Sculpting — Excavating, Roxbury
2. Jenkins Drywall Plus, Arkville
3. Ashcoff Construction, Margaretville
3. Jim Peters Excavating, Roxbury

1. Hinkley Electrical, Roxbury
2. Blizzard Electric, Arkville
3. C & J Electric, Andes

Landscaping & Yard
1. Bill Drew — Tri-Town Services, Andes
2. J & M Lawn Care, Margaretville
2. Jenkins Lawn Service (Harley Jenkins), Margaretville
3. Jim Whitney, Roxbury
3. Zone 4, Andes

1. Z Painting, Margaretville
2. Marty Finch, Roxbury
3. Tony DeLuca, New Kingston

Plumbing & Heating
1. Kurt Flachs, Roxbury
2. Brian Walsh, Fleischmanns
3. Jerry Hamil, The Water Guy, New Kingston

Utilities & Energy
2. Gary’s (Cooper) Fuel Oil, Inc., Roxbury
2. Warren Bender, Margaretville
3. Jeff Bruno, Fleischmanns

1. Country Home Security, Fleischmanns
2. Catskill Rentals, Kelly Corners
3. Dan Jaquish, Fleischmanns
3. Elegant Installations — Tile, Big Indian


Financial Services
1. Delaware National Bank, Margaretville
2. NBT, Margaretville
3. NBT, Grand Gorge

Insurance Providers
1. Mang Insurance, Fleischmanns
2. Sluiter Agency Inc., Margaretville
3. Morse-Wilson, Roxbury

Real Estate Firms
1. Timberland/Coldwell Banker, Margaretville
2. Frank Lumia, Margaretville
3. Country Pride, Roxbury
3. Ron Guichard Realty, Andes

Veterinarians/Animal Care
1. Dr. Dan Sullivan — Grand Gorge Animal Hospital
2. Delhi Animal Hospital, Dave Evans
3. Come Play with Lexi, Margaretville

1. Call for Help — Ed Kirstein, Roxbury
2. Hynes Funeral Home, Margaretville
3. AB Edwards Linen Services


1. Dr. John Caronia, Margaretvile
2. Alla Ilinsky, DDS, Margaretville
2. Dr. Thomas Flanders, Delhi
3. Dr. Michael Meehan, Stamford

Medical/Nursing Facilities
1. Margaretville Hospital
2. O’Connor Hospital, Delhi
3. Mountainside Residential Care Center, Margaretville

Nurse/Nurse Practitioners
1. Joanne McLaughlin, Roxbury
2. Diana Briggs, LPN
3. Connie Spielman
3. Holly Gockel Aplin, Roxbury

Personal Counseling
1. Bonnie Mitchell, CSW, Margaretville
2. Pastor Robert Engelhardt, CCMC
3. Illuminata — Deborah Frame & Steven Smith, Denver

Physical Therapy/Massage
1. Barbara Alyn, ND, Hot Stone, Margaretville
2. Sasha Cyrelson, MMH
3. Elaine Grandy, Andes

1. Humberto Abrahao, MD, Margaretville
2. Susan Fiore, MD,Margaretville Family Health Center
3. Jai Ravunniarath, MD, Margaretville Family Health Center
3. Marguerite Collins, MD, Shandaken

Primary Health Care Provider
1. Joanne McLaughlin, NP-C, Roxbury
2. Barbara Alyn, ND, Margaretville
3. Chuck Roth, RPA, Margaretville

1. Chuck Roth, RPA, Physician’s Assistant
2. Sonia Lor, Chiropractor
3. Julia Rose, Acupuncturist


1. Discoveries, Margaretville
2. Rick’s Barn, Roxbury
3. Fisk Antique Barn, Bovina

Art Galleries
1. Longyear Gallery, Margaretville
2. Chace-Randall, Andes
3. Roxbury Arts Group

Auto Parts
1. Sanford Auto Parts, Arkville
2. NAPA, Stamford
3. JS Auto Parts/Lou John’s, Fleischmanns

Auto Sales & Repair
1. Brookside, Margaretville
2. B & D Motors, Margaretville
3. Erickson’s Automotive, Arkville

Clothing & Shoes
1. Foothills Shoe, Margaretville
2. Little Sprouts, Margaretville
3. Just Shop, Margaretville
3. Eva’s Closet, Margaretville

Convenience Stores
1. Hess Express, Margaretville
2. Hogan’s General Store, Andes
3. Arkville Gas & Deli

1. Wildflowers, Margaretville
2. The Flower Shop, Fleischmanns
3. Stamford Greenhouses

1. T & G Furniture - Tom Miner, Stamford
2. Zullin’s — Country Comfort, Fleischmanns
3. Kabinett & Kamer, Andes

1. Qualtere’s Garden & Market Place, Roxbury
2. Green Thumb, Delancey
3. Todd’s Nursery Fleischmanns

Gift Stores
1. Lost Art of Living, Margaretville
2. Paisley’s, Andes
3. Discoveries, Margaretville
3. Parker House, Delhi

1. Price Chopper, Delhi
2. Market Basket, Arkville
3. Hogan’s General Store, Andes

Hardware & Building Supplies
1. Brookside, Margaretville
2. Wadler Bros., Fleischmanns
3. Stock Building Supply, Roxbury

1. Home Goods of Margaretville
2. Brookside, Margaretville
3. Ace Hardware, Stamford

1. Margaretville Jewelers, Margaretville
2. Rocko’s, Margaretville
3. Discoveries, Margaretville

1. Miller’s Drug Store, Margaretville
2. CVS, Margaretville
3. RiteAid Pharmacy, Stamford

Specialty Stores
1. Sweet Peas, Margaretville
2. Cheese Barrel, Margaretville
2. Catskill Artisans Guild, Margaretville
3. Now & Then Video, Margaretville
3. Peabody’s Pets, Fleischmanns

Tourist Attractions
1. Belleayre Ski Center, Highmount
2. DURR, Arkville
3. Plattekill, Roxbury

Wine & Liquor
1. E & D Spirit Shop, Arkville
2. Margaretville Liquor, Margaretville
3. Ray’s Liquors, Delhi

1. Romo Machine, Andes
2. Kole’s Mechanical, Margaretville
3. Meadows Golf Center, Arkville


1. T-Bar Saloon, Roxbury
2. Oakley’s Place, Arkville
3. Andes Hotel, Andes
3. Public Lounge, Roxbury

Casual Dining
1. Inn Between, Margaretville
2. Pine Hill Arms, Pine Hill
3. Ayla’s, Arkville

1. Mary’s Cookin’, Roxbury
2. Andes Hotel, Andes
3. Craig Westerfeld, Fleischmanns
3. Marilyn Conway, Andes

Diners & Luncheonettes
1. Flour Patch, Margaretville
2. Bun 'n' Cone, Margaretville
3. Cheese Barrel, Margaretville

Fine Restaurants
1. Peekamoose, Big Indian
2. Binnekill Square, Margaretville
3. Pine Hill Arms, Pine Hill

1. Ayla’s, Arkville
2. Oakley’s, Arkville
3. Portobella’s Pizzeria, Fleischmanns

1. Family Table, Margaretvlle
2. Heaven on Main St., Bovina
3. Casey Joe’s Coffee House, Arkville


Bed & Breakfasts/Inns
1. River Run, Fleischmanns
2. Scudder Hill House, Roxbury
2. Stone Tavern Farm, Roxbury
3. Breezy Hill, Fleischmanns

1. The Roxbury
2. Andes Hotel
3. Margaretville Motel

New Business
1. Foothills Shoe, Margaretville
2. Ayla’s, Arkville
3. Busy Bees Pre-K, Fleischmanns


1. Steve Tanzer, Margaretville
2. Bruce Dolph, Walton
3. Mike Paccione, Arkville

1. Carey Wagner, Margaretville
2. Dennis Metnick, Margaretville
3. Gary Rosa, Margaretville

Auto Mechanic
1. Rob Wayman Jr., Wayman’s Auto Repair, Margaretville
2. Hans Hohn H & H Motors, Arkville
3. Robert Edwards, Erickson’s Automotive, Arkville

1. Rachel Barretts, Andes Hotel
2. Marcus Hougan, Northland
3. Jen O’Connor, T-Bar, Roxbury

Business Owner
1. Edmund Millar, Market Basket, Arkville
1. Kathy Johnson, Country Cutting Gallery, Margaretville
2. Bill Drew, Tri-Town, Andes
3. Don Hogan, Hogan’s General Store, Andes
3. Dorothy Maffei, Home Goods of Margaretville

1. Steve Cammer, Cammer Construction, Roxbury
2. Bill Bergman, Country Carpentry, Margaretville
3. Larry Ashman, Ashcoff Construction, Margaretville

Elected Officials
1. Bill Russell, Middletown
2. Tom Hynes, Roxbury
2. Martin Donnelly, Andes
3. Steve Schuman, Roxbury

1. James Barrett , C & J Electric, Andes
2. Mike Hinkley, Roxbury
3. Randy von Bernowitz, Blizzard Electric, Margaretville

1. Laszlo Vajtay, Plattekill Mountain, Roxbury
2. Greg Henderson & Joe Massa, The Roxbury
3. Dean Gitter, The Emerson/Crossroads Ventures

Hair Stylists
1. Kathy Johnson, Country Cutting Gallery, Margaretville
2. Jackie Funck, Briggs Beauty Kreations, Grand Gorge
3. Karen Neblung, Roxbury

Highway Employee
1. Mike McAdams, Andes
2. Jeff Haskin, Roxbury
2. Nathaniel Lindner, Roxbury
3. Bill Taylor, Middletown
3. Harley Jenkins, Middletown

Interior Design
1. M. Gerard Murphy, Andes
2. Donald Hill, Margaretville
3.Ted C. C. Odom, Margaretville
3. Faye Storms, Blue Barn, Shandaken

Postal Workers
1. Lori Camillone, Halcottsville
2. Mel Ruff, Andes
2. Paul Gadarigian, Andes
3. Ellen Gray, Margaretville

1. Sue Doig, Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties
1. Eric Wedemeyer, Coldwell Banker Timberland Properties
2. Joe Aulino, Country Pride
3. Dwayne Jenkins, Frank Lumia
3. Al Tanzer, Belleayre Realty

1. Louis Georgi, New Kingston
2. Miles Gentry, New Kingston
2. Tom Rieder, Margaretville
3. Bill Day, Weathertite, Andes

1. Lewana Bullock, Roxbury
2. Ellen Schneider, Fleischmanns
3. Lisa Scalf, Margaretville

1. Angela Hunter, Margaretvile
2. Loretta Collocola, Mountainside
3. Edith Gilham, McLaughlin Family Practice
3. Katie Coffin, CMCC

Store Clerk
1. Joann Maggio, CVS
2. Diane Schutz, Wadler Brothers
3. Ann Marie Stern, Market Basket

1. Adelia Hunter, MCS
2. Claudia McMurray, MCS
2. Jennifer Finkle, Andes
3. Mr. Lonecke, MCS
3. Michelle Beutel, CMCA

DJ Tobin, Roxbury
Tess Ballard, MFD Auxilliary
Barbra Mellon, Andes
Adele Siegel, MMH Aux.
Ann Carli, MMH
Barb Condon, New Kingston
Carol Tubbs, Andes
Dale Trehaney, Roxbury
Dorothy Andrews, Andes
Doug Reeser, Andes Historical
Grumpy Old Men, Andes
Helen Lewis, Meals on
Iris Mead, MARK
Jeff Slauson, Halcottsville Fire
Joe Kiss, Thrift Shop
John Riedl, Chamber of
Lola Kurtzer, MMH Aux.
Marilee Asher, Fleischmanns
COC & Library
Michelle Sidrane,
Myrna Greenhall,
Cauliflower Festval
Stephanie, Family Table
Sue Ihlo, Margaretville

1. Kathy Carr, East Branch Café, Roxbury
2, Brianne Stoecker, Woody’s Country Kitchen
3. Ellen Montalvo, Inn Between, Margaretville
3. Bridget Martin, Pine Hill Arms

1. Deb Bene, Andes, ZBA & Planning
2. Pat Davis, Code Enforcement Officer, Margaretville
3. Carol O’Beirne, C of C, business consultant