18th-century firearms focus of program at Andes hall


Andes — The Andes Society for History and Culture warmly welcomes Doug Liddle back this Saturday, July 17 to the dining hall of the Pleasant Valley Meeting Hall at 7 p.m. for a program on historic firearms.

A true Delaware County artist, he will detail what he does to create an 18th-century firearm from inception through completion. Doug uses ‘fusion welding’ of the metal to hand manufacture the gun barrel. Doug’s carving and engraving skill is “magnificent” according to Bob Jacobson, himself a born and bred Delaware County resident (rarely quoted). Doug’s firearms are living works of art of museum quality reminding us of a time when a gun made life in the wilderness and homesteading possible.

This is an exhibition in living history with an opportunity to ask questions. Regardless of where you stand on use of guns in current society, settlers in the colonies could not have lived without fresh meat gained by hunting. They required an effective way to protect themselves and their livestock. Our woods were filled with panthers who lived in trees and killed without discrimination. Wolves also preyed upon men, women and children.

Doug will bring handmade gun parts for your inspection but given the hours of devotion to each part, both large and small, it will be ‘look, don’t touch’ unless he says specifically otherwise. Children are welcome. Plenty of room in the dining hall to walk around. There is a ramp for access for all. $5 per adult. Refreshments.

The Pleasant Valley Meeting Hall, dining hall is located on the Tremperskill Co. Rte. 1 at the corner of Bussey Hollow, Andes.