15 Margaretville and Roxbury players earn All-Star hoop status


The Delaware League announced its all star teams for the 2012-13 season last Thursday and five members of the boys’ league champions, the Margaretville Blue Devils, earned recognition as first-team, second-team or honorable-mention all stars.

Earning first-team recognition for Margaretville were Mitch Hull and Kyle Short. Other first team members were Zach Perry of Gilboa-Conesville, Zach Mudge and Dylan Legg of Hunter- Tannersville, Trevor Holdridge of South Kortright and Gregg Mattice, and Matt Anderson of Stamford.

Earning second-team recognition for Margaretville were Ryan Sanford and Cooper Reither. Other second-team members were Neal Statts of Hunter-Tannersville, Spencer Hinkley of Roxbury, Dylan Cole of South Kortright, Erik Ehrhart of Stamford, and David Saunders of Windham.

Earning honorable-mention recognition for Margaretville was Matt Van Valkenburg. Others earning honorable-mention recognition were Justin Baxter of Downsville, Hunter Grace of Gilboa-Conesville, Elijah Ruoff of Hunter-Tannersville, John Quagiano of Jefferson, Dakota Caronia and Eric Shultis of Roxbury, Griffin Metzko and Anthony Salcido of South Kortright, Dustin King of Stamford, and Luke Rasmussen and Thomas Pelham of Windham.

Girls’ All-Stars
On the girls’ side, the league champion South Kortright Rams had four players earn recognition as all stars. Earning first-team recognition for South Kortright were Kayla Craft and Miquela Hanselman. Also earning first-tear recognition were Brook Koerner of Gilboa-Conesville, Sarah Murin of Hunter-Tannersville, Elissa Starheim of Jefferson, Kennedy Faraci of Roxbury and Cassie Ehrhart of Stamford

Earning second-team recognition for South Kortright was Tori Rockefeller. Also earning second-team recognition were Kassie Jeffers of Davenport, Kaileen Townsend of Downsville, Sara Coons of Gilboa-Conesville, Taylor Dart of Hunter-Tannersville, Annette Hogan of Margaretville, Kendal Sprague of Roxbury and Kim Freer of Stamford.

Earning honorable-mention recognition for South Kortright was Kayla Warycha. Also earning honorable mention recognition were Sam Maidens and Cassie Wubbenhorst of Davenport, Ashley Bivens of Downsville, Shelby Oliver of Gilboa-Conesville, Samantha Dibble and Taylor Firmalino of Hunter-Tannersville, Emily Wenner of Jefferson, Tess Svoboda and Sami Hunt of Margaretville, Allyce McIntosh and Christina Chiarappa of Roxbury, Erin Hull and Naleah Meier of Stamford and Keily Linger of Windham.