Longyear "Artists Choose Artists" show opens

By Cheryl Petersen
Displayed side-by-side is artwork of members and non-members of Longyear Gallery in Margaretville.
“It’s fun,” said Elaine Grandy, member. “Longyear has hosted the Artists Choose Artists’ show for five years as an invitational to guest artists to exhibit their artwork.”

High Tea at Fairview Library celebrates Downton Abbey's fourth season

By Cheryl Petersen
A day before the fourth season of “Downton Abbey” premiered on January 5, fans and tome lovers, gathered for High Tea, cucumber sandwiches, and scones at Fairview Library in Margaretville.
Library Director Susan Carver has been a devoted follower of Downton Abbey, a PBS Masterpiece drama, since its inception. “The Dowager Countess of Grantham, played by Maggie Smith, gets all the best lines,” said Carver. “Each set design is impeccable and the writing is exquisite.”

Ponies visit to cheer Kirkside residents

Roxbury — Two ponies from Rosemary Farm Sanctuary in Bloomville made a visit to Kirkside Retirement Home in Roxbury on January 1 to help spread some holiday cheer.
Residents, staff and their families got to pet the two rescued horses that made the trip to Roxbury, adorned in colorful seasonal blankets.

John Auran, Mountainside resident, travels to Kindertransport reunion in Germany

Margaretville — Mountainside Residential Care Center resident John Auran recently traveled to his native Germany for the first time in 75 years to reunite with participants in the Kindertransport program.

For Sue Doig, a nightmare ordeal transforms into a miraculous recovery

By Brian Sweeney
For many people, a 60th birthday is a bittersweet milestone. Don’t try telling that to Andes resident Sue Doig — she has never had a better celebration.
Sue’s 60th birthday on Oct. 11 was the day she returned home following a lengthy medical ordeal, the outcome of which many are labeling under the heading of “miraculous.”

International Explorers enjoyed European adventure

By Brian Sweeney
Seven Margaretville Central School students recently returned from a tour of some of Europe’s most illustrious cities.

“A lot of ground was covered in a short eight-day trip this year,” commented MCS teacher/organizer Brigitte Nagle.

The travelers included Crystal Colon, Lindsay Day, Thalia Gil, Mirasol Guevara, Tiffany Nobile, Brianna Perrone and Itahy Silva. The trip took place from July 1-8.
The group’s initial tour stop took them to Paris, France.

Memorial Day address resonates

By Patt Svoboda
Scripture tells us that there is no greater love than a man laying down his life for his friends. The men and women that we honor and remember today, have proven that they are not just friends to us as Americans – but they are friends to men and women in countries around the world.

Cordy Rich sells oil business; keeps busy with Civil War memorabilia

By Cheryl Petersen
“Louise and I bought the Arco Oil business in Delhi, 42 years ago,” says Cordy Rich. “Our family operation delivered fuel oil to farms and homes.”

Citing health reasons in a letter to their customers last week, Cordy and Louise announced that they are selling their business to C.E. Kiff, Inc. of Delhi. While their oil business will soon be a thing of the past, the past will still be very much a part of their present and future. Cordy Rich is a collector of old stuff. Valuable old stuff.

'Squirrel Man' a friend to wildlife

By Joe Moskowitz
His real name is Chris Durham. He’s an actor, but to some in the big city, he’s “The Squirrel Man of New York.”

If you run into him in Manhattan or at his second home in Roxbury, don’t be afraid. He got that title because he rehabilitates injured animals he finds in the city and then releases them here into the wild.

Hunter recalls magical deer pursuit

The following was written by Rich Roosa of Indialantic, FL and recalls his recent hunting experience while he was a guest at Frost Valley YMCA in Claryville.
Opening day on Saturday (November 17) at 8:40 a.m., we were up on Wildcat Mountain (Town of Denning) where I shot a big 10-pointer at about 60 yards.  The girth of his main beams is awesome.  He dressed out at 155 pounds, but he felt like 200 dragging him down the mountain.  The preliminary score on his rack is 132.  It was definitely a religious experience! 

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