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Bovina resident takes art criticism award in stride, keeps low profile

By Matthew J. Perry
Although he describes his weekly turn as art critic for The New Yorker magazine as “the best job in the world,” Peter Schjeldahl, a longtime resident of Bovina, doesn’t seem to take praise for granted.
Artists, after all, are famous for their adversarial relations with critics. And then there are the art historians. Schjeldahl, a dropout of two colleges and largely self-taught, seems pleased by the notion of himself as a misfit among academics and others who use their degrees as a basis for opining about art. They can say what they like about him; after all, he’s been writing about art for 40 years.

Final Yankee Stadium game comes 76 years after first visit

Willis Marks attended first game during 1932 season
By Julia Green
At 86 years of age, Margaretville native Willis Marks has a few different “claims to fame” to his name.

Local craftsman fashions old wood into beautiful coffee table for CICS

For 100 years or more, dozens of enormous maple trees towered over Margaretville’s sidewalks, dappling them in shade. Unfortunately, in order to make room for sewer and water lines, they were all cut down in the fall of 2000. But those grand old trees, it turns out, were neither lost nor forgotten. And we have Gary Mead, a master wood craftsman, to thank for that.

Lure of Catskills a strong one for longtime resident

The Caribbean’s got nothing on the Catskills. At least, not if you ask Terry Cohen.
Cohen, 90, moved to St. Croix last October to live with her grandson, Jonab, and his wife, who were expecting a child. But four months later, she was back.
“Why did I come back from St. Croix?” she asks. “Because there’s so much to do here.”

MCS students, alumni traveled to Ecuador, Galapagos

By Brian Sweeney
A group of Margaretville Central School students and alumni recently experienced a nine-day travel adventure to Ecuador, including several days at the Galapagos Islands. The trip was organized by MCS science teacher Alan Seidman and his wife, Leslie. The couple began planning the excursion several years ago as their “dream trip when they retired” from teaching. The Seidmans have postponed retiring from their careers in education, but the trip was “a go” a year-and-a-half after 21 people agreed to participate.

Zimbabwe comes to the Commons with Labor Day weekend fund-raiser

Who would have imagined any connection between a southern African country, where life expectancy is just 34 years, and the lush mountains of New York? But over the past three years, Hobart resident Dennis Gaboury has been building links between our community and Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city. He has accomplished this by founding ZimKids, a project that helps feed, clothe and educate Bulawayo’s orphans, encourages their creativity and teaches them about the dignity of work.

Telephone Co. traces roots to 1916

The Margaretville Telephone Co. is in the process of being sold, as detailed in a front page story. Following is a short history tracing the expansion of the company.
The Margaretville Telephone Co. was started in 1916 when John A. Birdsall purchased from the Bell system the local exchange. Three years earlier, the local phone exchange, with seven subscribers, was located on the Lockwood home (later the site of Kelly’s Hotel).

Simply Barbra comes to Roxbury Arts Group

Steven Brinberg has toured the world as Simply Barbra, and on Saturday, June 28, he stops in at The Roxbury Arts Group for a special cabaret appearance. This will be a night of unparalleled glamour and sophistication, at once witty and moving. And, unlike many star impersonators, this man can really sing!

Andes students host Manhattan pen pals

By John Bernhardt
It was the classic tale of City Mouse/Country Mouse last week at Andes Central School. Andes played host to guests from New York City, students attending the School of Law and Social Justice located in Washington Heights. The visit was sponsored by the Catskill Center as part of their “Green Connection,” a collaborative grant program funded by Catskill Watershed Corporation bringing together students from urban and rural settings in an effort to develop a deeper understanding of the Watershed and the importance of man’s greatest resource.

Pilgrim Holiness Church marks two anniversaries

Historic church was built in 1908 and reconstructed in Grand Gorge 50 years ago

By Julia Green
The Pilgrim Holiness Church in Grand Gorge commemorated the 50th anniversary of the reconstruction of its sanctuary building on Saturday with a day of celebratory activities, including a 10 a.m. service followed by lunch at the Grand Gorge Civic Center. This year also marks the 100th anniversary of the original construction of the building in June 1908, which first served an Advent Christian congregation.

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