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Oakley's Place adds wood-fired pizza

By Brian Sweeney
Wood-fired pizza is the latest innovation at Oakley’s Place on Route 28, Arkville.
Owners Corine and Gerard DeBari purchased the business from John McDaniel nearly seven years ago and have been slowly shifting the focus of the business from that of a bar to more of a restaurant.
The DeBaris both enjoy the unique flavor of wood-fired pizza and since no one else in the immediate area was offering this type of food preparation, they decided to add wood-fired pizza to their menu options.

Roxbury's Christmas Project helps families through hard times

Roxbury — The Roxbury Community Christmas Project began during the Great Depression, when several teachers noticed that many of their pupils didn’t have coats, hats or mittens to keep them warm on the way to school. Every year since then, this community fund has harnessed the generosity of local students, clergy, business owners and residents to make sure that every family and especially every child in Roxbury experiences some holiday magic and a nourishing and joyous holiday meal.

Million dollar game show quest falls short in Thicke of contest

By Brian Sweeney
They didn’t win a million dollars, but they had plenty of fun trying.
Margaretville resident Betty DeSilva, along with daughter, Diane DeSilva, and granddaughter, Brianne Ballard, appeared on the NBC program “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire,” last week and came up short of their million-dollar goal.

Local family to be featured on "Millionaire" Family Weekend

By Brian Sweeney
Many of us long to be millionaires — especially when the bucks can be earned in a short amount of time by appearing on a television show. Margaretville resident Betty DeSilva, her daughter, Diane DeSilva, and granddaughter, Bree Ballard, recently had that opportunity while playing the first-ever family version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.”
The episode on which they appear was scheduled to air on local NBC affiliates on Wednesday, Nov. 19 at 2:30 p.m. Viewers should check their local listings for times and channels.

Public Lounge now taking dinner orders

Roxbury — The Public Lounge of Roxbury has expanded both its space and its menu and is now serving dinner Wednesday through Sunday evenings. The Public is also working on customized private party packages and will close for its first private party this Friday, Nov. 21. 
“The refrain from our friends when we bought the Public Lounge was ‘more food! more food!’” said one of the Public’s proprietors, Trish Adams. “And that was exactly what Jill hoped to do in her new life here: try to give us all some dining choices that weren’t available before.” 

Foothills Shoe Company making strides in Margaretville

By Julia Green
Marc Levenshus has been in the footwear business for over 30 years, and he’s bringing that experience to Margaretville.
His business, Foothills Shoe Company, opened its doors about a month ago in the Bussy Building on Main Street in Margaretville, in the former location of the Village Homemaker.
“In conversations with people up here, I realized that there were no stores to buy footwear, socks, thermal underwear, those kind of accessories,” he said. “When this location became available, I thought it might be a good opportunity to offer the goods I had off-price. That’s the concept: to offer brand names off-price.”

Several Mountainside residents recall casting ballots for FDR

Seventy years ago, a newly-elected president created a sequence of programs to provide relief for the unemployed, recovery of the economy, and reform of the economic and banking systems. Now, more than half a century later, the country faces many of the same problems with a brand new leader.
A number of residents at Mountainside Residential Care Center in Margaretville remember the era of FDR and its challenges that have some parallels to the world we face today.

For Venezuelan native, upcoming election is momentous occasion

By Julia Green
Tuesday will mark a momentous day in United States history.
It’s also a momentous day in the personal history of Margaretville resident Gaudys Sanford. The Venezuelan-born Sanford, 37, will be voting in her first election since becoming a U.S. citizen in February of 2007.

Hard work keeps local man going strong

By Julia Green
Just behind the Absolute Construction building off Route 30 in Kelly Corners is a large woodpile. Surrounded by a wall of trees, fractured sunlight filters through and throws shards of light on piles of firewood still dusted with early morning frost.
Amid it all is Kelly Corners resident Ralph Felter Jr. wielding a splitting maul, a mortal-sized, modern-day Paul Bunyan in a button-down flannel shirt and dark blue pants held up by similar-colored suspenders. Tarps cover piles of cut wood stacked around the woodlot, which is carpeted by a two-foot thick layer of wood chips and sawdust.

Jane's Dancing Bear Auctions open for business in Roxbury

By Brian Sweeney
Jane’s Dancing Bear Auctions debuted in July at the former Masonic Hall on Bridge Street, Roxbury. Proprietor Jane Wahrburg said it was a longtime fascination with buying auction items that led to her decision to go into the business for herself.
Jane explained that she had long been a fan of Roberts’ Auction in Fleischmanns and was also an avid collector of antiques. About the same time that the Roberts family was closing that business, Jane was contemplating a career change after working many years as a bookkeeper.

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