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Cordy Rich sells oil business; keeps busy with Civil War memorabilia

By Cheryl Petersen
“Louise and I bought the Arco Oil business in Delhi, 42 years ago,” says Cordy Rich. “Our family operation delivered fuel oil to farms and homes.”

Citing health reasons in a letter to their customers last week, Cordy and Louise announced that they are selling their business to C.E. Kiff, Inc. of Delhi. While their oil business will soon be a thing of the past, the past will still be very much a part of their present and future. Cordy Rich is a collector of old stuff. Valuable old stuff.

'Squirrel Man' a friend to wildlife

By Joe Moskowitz
His real name is Chris Durham. He’s an actor, but to some in the big city, he’s “The Squirrel Man of New York.”

If you run into him in Manhattan or at his second home in Roxbury, don’t be afraid. He got that title because he rehabilitates injured animals he finds in the city and then releases them here into the wild.

Hunter recalls magical deer pursuit

The following was written by Rich Roosa of Indialantic, FL and recalls his recent hunting experience while he was a guest at Frost Valley YMCA in Claryville.
Opening day on Saturday (November 17) at 8:40 a.m., we were up on Wildcat Mountain (Town of Denning) where I shot a big 10-pointer at about 60 yards.  The girth of his main beams is awesome.  He dressed out at 155 pounds, but he felt like 200 dragging him down the mountain.  The preliminary score on his rack is 132.  It was definitely a religious experience! 

Personal view of Hurricane Sandy relief

By Mike DiBenedetto
I’d like to pass on thanks from all the people who got warm blankets, food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and all the other supplies that were brought down to Coney island and Staten Island on our trips Nov. 10 and November 19.

How I came to love being an election inspector

By Trish Adams
First off, let me be perfectly clear, let there be no misunderstanding: It’s not about the economy, stupid. It’s not even about Job Creation. Being an Election Inspector is all about the food.

Esther Snyder leaves lasting impression at News

By Jennifer Kabat
“Restroom.” That word drives Esther Snyder crazy. So does “school teacher” when it’s spelled as one word or “fundraising” minus the hyphen. She also can be impecunious where dashes are concerned. Last week the Catskill Mountain News lost its “conscience,” as editor Dick Sanford describes her.

Fleischmanns Supermarket boosts inventory

By Pauline Liu
At the Fleischmanns Supermarket on Main Street in Fleischmanns, there are signs of change. The store shelves, that were not always full before, are now packed with groceries. There’s plenty of pet foods, organic bread and even a large shelf full of over-the-counter medications. 

Bobcats are interesting Catskill residents

Bobcats are about twice the size of a domestic cat and usually smaller than the Canada lynx. Their fur is dense, short, and soft and is generally shorter and more reddish in the summer and longer and more gray in the winter. Spotting occurs in some bobcats and is faded in others. The face has notable long hairs along the cheeks and black tufts at the tops of each ear.

Vision loss no obstacle to success for former Margaretville resident

Contributed by Jennifer Cubic
A trip down memory lane brings Danny NovielliDanny Novielli Danny Novielli back to Margaretville. Although Danny currently lives in Arkansas, his grandmother, Aunt Marie and Uncle Joe still live here. Danny was a typical kid growing up in a small town. He loved hanging out with friends while fishing, hunting and riding dirt bikes. He graduated from Margaretville Central School. Danny was 20 when he left Margaretville to join the U.S. Coast Guard. Since then, his life has been anything but reflective of the calm of his childhood.

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