Shandaken recovery to take years

By Jay Braman Jr.
In Shandaken, the community psyche is upbeat after the last year of turmoil, but the reality is that it is going to take years and years to rebuild.

That is according to Supervisor Rob Stanley, who says that post Irene issues continue to be the main business in his office every day.

Stanley pointed to the recent success of the Phoenicia Festival of the Voice, which brought thousands of people to the hamlet for the first weekend of August, as being the bright light that really showed just how much healing has occurred.

Shandaken Landowners' Association loses legal battle

By Jay Braman Jr.
A seven-year-long tax squabble between 18 landowners and the Town of Shandaken ended last week when a jury ruled that the town had some “rational basis” for raising the assessments of parcels that had more than 20 acres of undeveloped land.

In a prepared statement, Town Supervisor Rob Stanley said the suit was originally commenced in 2006 to challenge the 2005 reassessment by several large landowners and named the town, the town board of assessors, the town supervisor, the town assessor and other members of the town board of assessors.

Shandaken going 3D

By Jay Braman Jr
With 3D film all the rage in Hollywood these days, its no wonder that the way-cool technology has found its way into theaters all over the world, but leave it to the Shandaken Theatrical Society (STS) to take it one step further with something not seen anywhere else, at least for a long-long time.
This Saturday, July 28 at 7 p.m., STS will present what film buffs say is the most famous 3D movie ever made.

Back in 1954, audiences were both awestruck and petrified by the monster horror film “The Creature From the Black Lagoon.”

Shandaken cell service expands

By Jay Braman Jr.
It took almost five years, but the cell tower at Glenbrook Park in Shandaken is now active.
Ellen Webner, a spokesperson for AT&T, said Tuesday that the communications company has expanded wireless coverage in the area.

“Today AT&T is proud to announce a new mobile Internet cell site is providing new coverage in the Catskills,” she said. “New areas of coverage include Allaben, Big Indian, Bushnellsville, and Shandaken and along Route 28 between Big Indian and Phoenicia and on Route 42 between Shandaken and West Kill.”

Shandaken supervisor balks at sewer project

By Jay Braman Jr.
If the Hamlet of Phoenicia ever builds a sewer system, it won’t be just cars and trucks crossing the major bridges in the locale.

Effluent from the hamlet’s toilets will be too. Every minute of every day.

And since the bridges in Phoenicia are in the habit of breaking during the more and more frequent floods, local officials are wondering what would happen if the sewer mains broke on the bridges and sent gallons of sewage into the Ashokan Reservoir downstream.

Shandaken town board jeopardizes sewer plan

By Jay Braman Jr.
Claiming to not have enough information to make a decision, the Shandaken Town Board on Tuesday tabled the resolution to move the Phoenicia sewer project forward, but this time it may have put the final nail in the coffin of the beleaguered plan.

By not passing a resolution to hold a public hearing on whether or not to create a Phoenicia sewer district, the town board will not meet contractual deadlines with the City of New York, which has allocated millions of dollars to build a system for the hamlet.

Shandaken farm stands face permit difficulties

By Jay Braman Jr.
Getting a permit to operate a farm stand in the Town of Shandaken is turning out to be a tough row to hoe.

On Monday, May 21 at 7 p.m. in Shandaken Town Hall a public hearing will be held for just such a permit, but between now and then a few questions need to be answered in order for the planning board to move forward.

STS opens season with 'Spitfire Grill'

Phoenicia — The Shandaken Theatrical Society (STS) Playhouse in Phoenicia will present “The Spitfire Grill” a musical about a mysterious stranger that arrives alone in a small town and finds love and family. “The Spitfire Grill” opens Memorial Day Weekend and will start a new theatre season in a town that is rebounding after the effects of Hurricane Irene.

Shandaken stalls sewer project

By Jay Braman Jr.
The Shandaken Town Board balked Monday at a critical decision on the longstanding Phoenicia sewer issue, putting the fate of the project in jeopardy.

Before the board that evening was a resolution to set a public hearing on the creation of a Phoenicia sewer district.

But after harsh criticism of the proposal from both the audience and town board members, the resolution was tabled until a full town board could be assembled.
Supervisor Rob Stanley was on vacation this week.

Burroughs monument hike this weekend in Shandaken

Shandaken — Celebrate naturalist John Burroughs’ 175th birthday year with a hike up Rochester Hollow in the Town of Shandaken on Saturday May 12 to see a monument to naturalist John Burroughs.
Meet at noon at the Rochester Hollow trailhead parking lot on Matyas Road just off Route 28 between Pine Hill and Big Indian. Registration is not required for the hike, which will be cancelled if there is heavy rain at 11 a.m. For weather confirmation, call 586-4973.

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