The circus (and more) in Roxbury


Roxbury — The Greatest Show Probably in the Universe is on its way to the Happenest Hamlet of Roxbury THIS Saturday, Sept. 1 ONLY. For five ferociously festive and hair-raising hours beginning at High Noon, you will be Bug-Eyed by the Bacchanalian Busking & Barding of the Biggest Street Performers Extravaganza Ever extrapolated on State Highway 30! You'll witness acts of dazzling dizziness, blissed out riskiness, trapeze trickiness and possibly – Your Very Own Act. (Read to the end to find out how YOU can crash the show.)

Whistle whilst you wonder -- and wander

Busk & Bard Festival in the spotlight

Roxbury — For one expialidocious afternoon only, come to Hamboniest Hamlet of Roxbury on Saturday, Sept. 1 for the most effervescent and almost everything Busk & Bard Street Performers Extravaganza! Explodiferating at noon on both major boulevards, you’ll witness acts of derring do, done that, doggone dumbfoundment and possibly — Your Very Own Act. (You have to read to the end to find out about that part.)

GREATEST Street performers Festival coming to Roxbury


Roxbury — For one supercalifragilistic afternoon only, come to the streets of Roxbury for the most astounding, most audacious and most everything Busk & Bard Street Entertainment Extravaganza!!
Beginning at noon on both major boulevards of this historic hamlet, you’ll stand in wonder at equestrians, aerialists, fire-eaters, tightrope walkers, mimes, clowns, caricaturists, manicurists, face painters, face makers, acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, unicyclists and you. 

Roxbury reval gets green light

By Dick Sanford
The Roxbury Town Board, meeting in a special session Thursday night, and faced with ample evidence that the town’s assessment role is badly in need of an overhaul, voted unanimously to move forward with a full-blown reassessment of all 3,300 parcels of real estate in the township.
The project will take three years to complete and cost somewhere between $48,200 and $69,700, according to an estimate prepared for the board by Roxbury Assessor Bob Breglio.

'Local Gets Personal' show opens July 28

Roxbury — The public is invited to attend the opening reception of “Local Gets Personal,” featuring the work of local artist Ellen Wong on Saturday, July 28 at the Roxbury Arts Center, on Vega Mountain Road in Roxbury, from 4-6 p.m.

For more than 20 years Ellen has been inspired and moved by nature, particularly the Catskill landscape.  As a part time resident of Roxbury, she has painted her life and the life around her. 

Horseshoe tournament raises funds for Roxbury Youth Soccer

By Brian Sweeney
The 10th annual Pete Wright Memorial Horseshoe Tournament was held Saturday adjacent to the BUN N’ CONE restaurant in Margaretville.

As has been the tradition each year, proceeds from the tournament were donated to a local nonprofit youth organization. This year’s recipient was the Roxbury Youth Soccer Program.

Roxbury library hosts summer reading program


Roxbury — The Roxbury Library Association (RLA) is offering the New York State-initiated themes “Dream Big Read!” (for children pre-K to grade 4) and “Own the Night” (for
children and adolescents grades 5-7) for the library’s 2012 Summer Reading Program. Individual sessions for different age groups will provide youthful participants with a range of activities, from reading and storytelling to arts-and-crafts projects, with refreshments offered at the end of each session, which are all free of charge.

Business Association forming for Roxbury and Grand Gorge

Roxbury-Grand Gorge — A group of Roxbury and Grand Gorge businesses have come together to promote existing business in their villages and to encourage the development of new business in both of the hamlets.

Perazones make the grade at Roxbury

By Julia Green
For anyone coming of age during the late 1990s, the phrase “girl power” likely carries with it thoughts of a particular quintet of female British pop stars. In Delaware County, however, that particular idiom can refer to a different five women altogether, and for the Perazone family of Roxbury, it is less a cultural phenomenon or homage to third-wave feminism and more a family tradition of academic excellence.

Broadband expansion targeted for Roxbury

By Patricia Adams
At its regularly monthly meeting Monday night, Roxbury town board members and residents heard encouraging updates on a number of funding and restoration projects. 
MTC President Glen Faulkner reported on efforts to expand broadband Internet access to some 550 residents in the township who aren’t currently “wired.”

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