OCS blowing through its snow days

By Jay Braman Jr.
The Onteora School District has been burning through its allotment of snow days for the 2013-’14 school year, but District Superintendent Phyllis McGill said it is because of events beyond her control.
Students at Onteora just enjoyed an extra long winter holiday, due to closures right before and right after the scheduled break, but if this weather trend continues they might not get much of an Easter vacation. Easter vacation days get shorted if the district runs out of snow days. “We had seven planned,” said McGill Monday. “We’ve used five so far.”

Ponies visit to cheer Kirkside residents

Roxbury — Two ponies from Rosemary Farm Sanctuary in Bloomville made a visit to Kirkside Retirement Home in Roxbury on January 1 to help spread some holiday cheer.
Residents, staff and their families got to pet the two rescued horses that made the trip to Roxbury, adorned in colorful seasonal blankets.

Time Out: January 8, 2014

By John Bernhardt
Pen went to paper way back in 1843. Even so, the classic holiday novella, “The Christmas Carol” resonates with readers today as one of Charles Dickens’ most important literary contributions. No other character in the beloved novella captures the fascination of readers and viewers like Ebenezer Scrooge.
Many times, my mind shifts to Ebenezer Scrooge when I hear New York Met fans and members of the media characterize Met General Manager Sandy Alderson. For me, it’s almost like many who root for or write about the Mets, have stolen a page from Dickens when they reference the Met GM.

Schools' snow days are melting away

By Joe Moskowitz
This may be the winter of everyone’s discontent. There has been too much snow for the haters, but warm-ups and rain have melted the snow that skiers and those who depend on snow, such as plow operators, need to make their living. Despite the snowmelts, there have been periods of bitter cold, which have stretched already thin heating budgets. And, it’s still just early January.

Roxbury will soon have a "new" Old-Fashioned General Store

By Brian Sweeney
Old-fashioned charm and modern convenience will be blended when Roxbury General opens on January 18.
Husband-and-wife Doug McLaurine and Robin Factor are busy putting the finishing touches on a business venture that will feature an interesting mix of locally made products, everyday goods and even a scattering of basic hardware supplies.

Ski centers wrestling with weather 180s

By Jay Braman Jr.
Most people in the region know that when the thermometer goes down into the single digits, it means higher home-energy bills, but for area ski centers, really cold weather means money.
That’s because they make snow, not heat.
Snow making, which has become more and more important to ski areas as climate change messes with natural snowfall totals, can be an expensive process.

Margaretville Car Wash re-opens

IT'S A WASH! — After closing last summer, Margaretville Car Wash owner Frank Busciglio was hoping to have it back up and running in October, but encountered more construction woes than expected. Essentially, everything at the car wash needed to be replaced or repaired.
It was almost ready when the big snowstorm hit forcing contractors to postpone work again. Despite the frustrations, Busciglio achieved his "New Year's Resolution" to have the facility up and running before 2014. That now includes a radiant heating system, a new hot water heater, and new spray nozzles. — Photo by Dick Sanford
Shiny New YearShiny New Year

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