New Bovina highway garage gets green light from board


By Matthew J. Perry

The Bovina Town Board has voted unanimously to locate the town’s new highway garage on the site of the existing structure, on county Road 6, the hamlet’s Main Street. The vote took place last Wednesday at a board meeting following a public hearing, 

Bovina highway garage hearing tabled over project cost concerns

Board wants time to explore options

By Matthew J. Perry
Bovina Supervisor Tina Mole canceled a March 17 public hearing on the town’s proposed highway garage project, stating that the town needed more time to review estimates and plans that would create less strain on the town’s finances.
A date for the next review is yet to be determined.

New Bovina highway garage may cost $1 million to build

Public meeting is set for March 17

By Matthew J. Perry
After nearly five years of review and discussion, the Town of Bovina appears to be ready to replace its dilapidated highway garage with a modern structure. However, extensive debate on the size, cost, and location of the new facility will likely extend into the spring.

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