Insurance claim denied for Bovina Highway Garage

By Cheryl Petersen
Bovina Supervisor Tina Mole informed the town board at its April 14 meeting that the town’s insurance carrier has denied the town’s claim against its sinking highway garage.
Mole told the board, “As for an update on the sinking highway garage, the insurance company denied the town’s claim. Therefore, town attorney, Kevin Brown has written and submitted a second claim. We received notice this afternoon that the insurance company will be hiring an independent engineer to review the sinking garage”
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Bovina seeks insurance, CWC funding to repair garage

By Cheryl Petersen
Town of Bovina Supervisor Tina Mole told the town board on March 10 that, “The highway superintendent and I met with the insurance adjustor at the town garage and he admitted the settling garage is not normal, but is significant. He will present a proposal to the board the end of this week.”

Bovina highway garage crack keeps growing

By Cheryl Petersen
Calling a special meeting on December 18, Supervisor Tina Molé reported to the Bovina Town Board, “More cracks have been found in the highway garage.”
In its few years of existence, the highway garage has become a sinking problem. The large two-bay garage, with offices on one side, sits along Route 6 in the Hamlet of Bovina Center and began settling not long after its construction.
GETTING WORSE — Bovina Supervisor Tina Molé points to a new crack in the highway garage December 18. — Photo by Cheryl PetersenGETTING WORSE — Bovina Supervisor Tina Molé points to a new crack in the highway garage December 18. — Photo by Cheryl Petersen

Bovina garage has that sinking feeling

By Cheryl Petersen
Think of the Bovina Highway Garage on 18-foot-deep pilings and you can glimpse into its probable future. The highway garage has been sinking for years and was even treated with a Band-Aid effort a couple of years ago. However, on November 11, Bovina Town Board members listened to Jeff Stafford of Delta Engineering, lay out a repair solution.

Bovina search for cop killer unfounded

By Brian Sweeney
A possible link between an alleged cop killer and a stolen car found October 22 near Bovina turned out to be unfounded.
The stolen 2012 Porsche Cayman was discovered early Wednesday in the Town of Bovina and led to a police alert that Eric Matthew Frein could have stolen the car. The Porsche was reported stolen in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, an area where Frein, 31, had possibly been sighted on Monday.

Bovina highway garage is sinking, town board ponders repair costs

By Cheryl Petersen
Repairs to a sinking highway garage, tree and limb removal from Brushland Cemetery, and a water-rate increase for the hamlet kept the town board occupied at its monthly meeting on September 10.
The highway garage has been sinking and the council pondered payment options with a sense of urgency. “The garage needs to be fixed this year,” said Supervisor Molé.

Grand celebration was held for a baby grand piano in Bovina

By Cheryl Petersen
Last fall, the congregation at the United Presbyterian Church in Bovina Center set a goal. They decided to replace the church’s upright piano with a baby grand. Funds were raised, pianos were researched, and an Essex baby grand was delivered on June 6. The Reverends Garrett and Marena Vittorio Schind­ler welcomed the new piano.

IN TUNE — Revs. Garrett and Marena Vittorio Schindler at Bovina’s United Presbyterian Church. — Photo by Chery PetersenIN TUNE — Revs. Garrett and Marena Vittorio Schindler at Bovina’s United Presbyterian Church. — Photo by Chery Petersen

Quick moving storm wreaks havoc in Bovina

Fortunately, no injuries resulted from a fast-moving thunderstorm that rolled through the western part of the county shortly after midnight on Wednesday. The 60-mile-an-hour winds were a death toll for many trees and took out power for hours. — Photos by Dick Sanford

Goat farming grows more popular and Glenanore Farms leads the way

By Cheryl Petersen
Donna and Mike Noonan, owners of Glenanore Farms, hosted a farm visit last week, offered through the Delaware County Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Watershed Agricultural Council. A dozen interested attendees networked and shared tricks of the meat-goat trade that is on the rise.
Mike Noonan of Bovina with his Boer goats.Mike Noonan of Bovina with his Boer goats.

DEC officer kills bear in Bovina

Bovina — On Thursday afternoon, April 17, a DEC Wildlife staff member killed a bear on Lee Hollow Road in the Town of Bovina that was attempting to enter a structure that contained honey. DEC officials believed that it was same bear that had previously entered the structure and destroyed approximately 120 pounds of honey.
The staff person attempted to scare the bear away but was unsuccessful.
The last-resort killing of nuisance bears is allowable under New York State Environmental Conservation Law § 11-0523.

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