Time Out by John Bernhardt

Time Out: July 31, 2013

I was reminded last week of the powerful connection that often takes hold between high school players and coaches, a bond that sometimes endures for decades. Forged around common dreams, achievable, shared goals, and the day-to-day struggles meant to attain them, coaches and players form relationships unique to schooling.

Time Out: June 26, 2013

A Binghamton Met baseball game is a happening this summer. The B-Mets have a first class professional baseball team, the class of the Eastern League, 18 games above .500 and eight games in first place. Great pitching, a homerun powered offense, and some pretty decent handling of the leather on defense make attending a Binghamton game an event for the baseball purist.

Time Out: June 12, 2013

“Ninety percent of baseball is mental. The other half is physical,” said Yogi Berra.
Baseball’s great philosopher, Yogi Berra was on to something with his famous quote addressing this critical components of baseball. Thinking forward, anticipating, and considering multiple options are all some of the intangibles making baseball the “grand old game.”

Time Out: June 4, 2013

Julie Nash returned to Margaretville Central School as an honored guest at Friday night’s athletic banquet. Nash, a physical education teacher at MCS for over 30 years, was the original champion for girls’ athletics at MCS.

Time Out: May 29, 2013

Maybe the Margaretville baseball team should start a four-man band. Music and baseball intercepted for a second time this spring during Margaretville’s opening round of the Section IV baseball championship. By chance, the baseball game fell on the same night as the MCS vocal concert, and two of the Blue Devils, Colby Russo and Danny Conroy, were slated to sing solos.

Time Out: April 17, 2013

Almost 40 years of coaching high school sports have seen the most unlikely scenarios. None matched the late inning decision-making at Wednesday’s baseball game between Margaretville and Roxbury.

It was the top of the sixth inning with Roxbury at bat when Margaretville physical education teacher Tracy Reither approached the bench with a sense of urgency in her step. Tracy reported that the spring music concert was about to begin and the band director needed two of the guys on my baseball team.

Time Out: March 13, 2013

Keith Danzy knows how Jackie and Jack Harbaugh felt while watching their coaching sons battle it out in this year’s Super Bowl. Danzy could hardly sit still in the stands, glued to the action during Saturday’s New York State Class B Girls Basketball Regional Championship at the brand new Onondaga Community College Event Center in Syracuse.

Time Out: March 6, 2013

Some believe basketball is a big man’s game. Those folks have never watched SUNY Delhi guard Stefan Bock play the game.

Stefan Bock is a coach’s dream. Bock attends to all the ‘little things,’ those minute basketball details that often mean the difference in the outcome of a game that coaches love to extol.
I paid careful attention to Bock, scripting everything he did during the first three minutes of Delhi’s semifinal match-up with HVCC Saturday afternoon. The kid is amazing.

Time Out: February 27, 2013

For all but one successful team in each girls’ or boys’ basketball classification, the season will end with a loss. One team in each of New York State’s girls’ and boys’ class will actualize a journey that ends with a state championship. Along the way, many impressive basketball squads will end their season on the short side of a wave of disappointment.

Time Out: January 30, 2013

Living in the Catskill Mountains it’s sometimes easy to allow yourself to believe you reside in a locale far removed from ‘big time’ events. That’s generally not the case. If you know where to look, there are all kinds of things taking place in the Catskills.

A Catskill event calendar can include big-time college basketball. This past weekend I enjoyed two highly entertaining men’s college basketball games, Friday night at SUNY Delhi and Sunday afternoon at Marist.

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