Time Out by John Bernhardt

Time Out: June 11, 2014

Our rivers and streams are in excellent shape heading into the middle of June, with good numbers of fishermen about this past week and weekend. The Beaverkill, and the East and West branches of the Delaware River are all just above the average flows recorded on each river. Water temperatures are very favorable, and fly hatches have been keeping the trout and the trout fishers well occupied.

Time Out: April 16, 2014

They are a rarity, human gems, forces of positive power who have the capacity of always leaving you feeling better at the end of a conversation than you did when the talk began. Call them optimists, call them idealists, they are unique folks who live in the now with the rare capacity to celebrate the moment and simply refuse to even entertain ideas they don’t want to happen.
Motivated, purposeful and steadfast, you’re fortunate if you meet a half dozen or so of these folks in a lifetime. Good fortune introduced me to one such source of unconditional positive vibes this weekend, a young man named Logan Barer.

Time Out: April 2, 2014

It was a small moment, insignificant to many, but Monday at Citi Field in New York City, Opening Day was delayed for a few seconds when Met first baseman Ike Davis asked for time to get sunglasses.
Sunglasses? Yes, the bright sky in New York City was too much for Davis who needed sunglasses to shield his eyes. Opening Day of another baseball season is always a promising indicator that spring has arrived, but after our long, hard winter a request for sunglasses might be an even more significant omen.

Time Out: March 12, 2014

It’s a fact of life but in every basketball game somebody has to lose. That reality is magnified when two championship teams square off in the New York State Basketball Tournament. Every year in every high school basketball, two great teams come together one short week after floating on air having captured a sectional basketball crown.

Time Out: March 5, 2014

It was disappointment and frustration for the South Kortright basketball faithful last week as both the school’s girls’ and boys’ basketball teams dropped Section IV, Class D semifinal contests at Oneonta’s Dewar Arena. When the initial disappointment subsides and the supporters of SK basketball reflect on the recently completed campaign, they have to be impressed what their Rams accomplished this winter.

Time Out: January 29, 2014

Dennis Hooper won an Oscar nomination playing the role of Shooter Flatch, one of my favorite movie characters in the classic sports film “Hoosiers.” Flatch, a local sports hero at Hickory High School missed a potential game-winning shot in the basketball crazed state of Indiana’s high school championship game years ago, and is locked in a time warp tormented by his failure and living life in the past.

Time Out: January 8, 2014

By John Bernhardt
Pen went to paper way back in 1843. Even so, the classic holiday novella, “The Christmas Carol” resonates with readers today as one of Charles Dickens’ most important literary contributions. No other character in the beloved novella captures the fascination of readers and viewers like Ebenezer Scrooge.
Many times, my mind shifts to Ebenezer Scrooge when I hear New York Met fans and members of the media characterize Met General Manager Sandy Alderson. For me, it’s almost like many who root for or write about the Mets, have stolen a page from Dickens when they reference the Met GM.

Time Out: November 20, 2013

“The Zone” is a term used to describe people working at peak performance levels at whatever they do. Zone-like states in sports involve total like concentration and engagement, control, and a unity of mind and body during performance. Oneonta’s star athlete, Mariah Ruff, a local sports phenomenon who cut her athletic teeth several years ago in Andes, spent last week almost locked in that zone.

Time Out: October 16, 2013

I often joke that if I had a dollar for every high school sports game I’ve seen, I’d be a wealthy man. Year after year, season after season I watch high school games. As one year turns into another, the games and the scores and the excitement often seem like more of the same.

Time Out: September 11, 2013

Andes’ Peter Fabrykiewicz and South Kortright’s Trevor Holdridge were teammates on the last South Kortright Section IV championship soccer team, the first SK sports team that included athletes from Andes. The former Rams have joined forces once again, this time taking their game to SUNY Delhi.
I made a jaunt to Delhi to watch the guys play on Sunday. The Broncos squad has a strong local flavor. The head coach of the team is Doug McKee who graduated from Andes several years ago. Three former Bulldogs from Delhi Academy, including Carson King, also are on the squad.

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