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Here's the Scoop: September 7, 2011

Storm clouds still linger
When I awoke last Tuesday, I realized that we were running low on some of the staples in the food department — chips, cheese, seltzer, coffee, bagels. My plans for the day ran through my head, trying to figure out a good time to drop into Freshtown to pick up these items.

Here's the Scoop: August 24, 2011

You can’t wear that!
I guess it’s simply a difficult Situation. Especially if you’re the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F).

The news broke last week that A&F has offered to pay Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino to not wear its clothing on the “hit” show “Jersey Shore.” In a day when “product placement” is so highly sought after, this is a very unusual move indeed.

Here's the Scoop: August 17, 2011

Mob mentality
I have a theory that once I become aware of a trend, it’s time for the trend to be over.
This rule of thumb usually works pretty well, especially since I’m sort of slow to realize that a trend has even occurred. So, by the time I figure out such things, the trend should be well past its prime.

Here's the Scoop: August 10, 2011

New at showering
I attended my first bridal shower over the weekend. Interesting stuff.
Actually, I didn’t exactly get invited to the shower. Nor did I crash the event. The shower came to me.

In reality, I was at the post-bridal shower. After the strippers had left.
You see, when my wife headed out for a day of fun at the bridal shower, I was left home to contend with the massive task of replenishing the firewood pile. Ordinarily, I take pleasure in such work. Just not in the rain. Makes things worse when I know that others in my family are off having fun.

Here's the Scoop: August 3, 2011

When duty calls
I did my duty last week. Almost.
The fact is, I reported for Jury Duty, as instructed. Then, we were all sent home when the case was settled just moments before jury selection. Apparently, that kind of thing happens a lot.
Even though so many cases are settled out of court doesn’t release anyone from their obligation of showing up and possibly being selected to serve on a jury. So, off I went to Delhi to see if I would be called upon to decide someone’s fate. Real power.

Here's the Scoop: July 27, 2011

What’s that password?
I heard an interesting piece on the radio this week. It seems that I am not alone in struggling to remember passwords for various accounts on the Internet.

Apparently, failure to remember one’s passwords is pretty much an epidemic. As an antidote for this plague, many of us choose to “simplify” our passwords to make it easier to gain access to online accounts, etc.

Here's the Scoop: July 20, 2011

The sights and scents of summer
Almost everyone will agree that summer has many benefits. No heating bills. No getting the kids on the school bus. And the only “ice” problems occur when cubes melt too quickly in a glass filled with a cooling beverage.

not to say summer doesn’t have drawbacks. Bugs can be unpleasant. Lawn mowing gets to be a burden. There’s also the issue of “food freshness.” Or non-freshness. This brings us to the topic of “summer smells.”

Here's the Scoop: July 13, 2011

Fall comes early
“Make sure you lean against a wall and practice,” I was advised.

This didn’t seem like bad advice, but I was a little surprised. After all, this task was just like riding a bike. Only different. Quite a bit different, as it turns out.

Here's the Scoop: July 6, 2011

So much extra energy!
I may have missed something, but I’m not certain where the fascination with “energy drinks” originated. Still, every time you turn on the TV, open a magazine or stand in line at the store, I am faced with “energy-boosting” products.

It’s pretty obvious that this stuff is selling briskly. Well, I guess it’s apparent because so many companies are offering these products. Personally, I haven’t really noticed a great “boost” taking place in the general population.

Here's the Scoop: June 29, 2011

Staying linked with the world
Are you Linkedin yet? I thought so. We’re probably connected.
In case you’re not familiar with Linkedin, it’s sort of a “business Facebook.” I know I made fun of Facebook in this column awhile back, so it’s only fair that Linkedin gets its turn.
Unlike Facebook, Linkedin does not make you feel sweaty and jittery if you fail to post “news” to your “friends” that you just had the most interesting breakfast featuring bacon and eggs. Juice, too. Did I mention salt? And pepper?

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