Guest Editorial: Nine million tourists just two hours away

By Dave Riordan, Executive Director
Catskill Revitalization Corp, Inc.

Guest Editorial: Elected officials back resort

By Olive Supervisor Bert Leinfeldt, Middletown Supervisor Marge Miller, Halcott Supervisor Innes Kasanof, Andes Supervisor Marty Donnelly, Roxbury Supervisor Tom Hynes, Fleischmanns Mayor Todd Pascarella, Margaretville Mayor Diana Cope

Guest Editorial: Belleayre offers balanced solution

By Glen Faulkner, General Manager  
Margaretville Telephone Company

The downsized Belleayre Resort Project, as currently presented, offers the investment and economic growth opportunities crucial to the sustainability of our community.

Guest Editorial: Project needed for area turnaround

By Todd Pascarella,
Mayor of Fleischmanns

The “Project.” It’s practically a four-letter word when uttered in the Catskills these days. Fifteen years after first being proposed, the Belleayre Resort saga has become the embodiment of everything that is wrong and right with modern society.

Wrong because it is another wedge issue among what seems to be an ever growing list of political wedge issues polarizing us.

Guest editorial: Say Yes to resort

By Marjorie Miller, Supervisor
Town of Middletown

Guest editorial: Time to build the darn thing

By Bill Birns
Personally, I wasn’t much of a fan of the Belleayre Resort when it was first proposed – how many years ago? The project itself seemed too big (two golf courses!) and some of the property was right down on the Esopus flat, and folks around here seemed to be doing all right without some big new change, right here in our beloved Catskills. Besides, the old Highmount Ski Center is right out Gayla-and-my living room window, and I like our view of the mountain, turning a gorgeous subtle red this time of year. Do I want to be looking at a hotel, a spa, for gosh sakes?

Heres your summons: Make YOUR Judge choice

By Trish Adams
If you are still undecided in the Delaware County Judge’s race, go sit for a day in their respective courts: witness the mind-numbing tedium of hurry and wait, and the sudden high stakes drama when all you-know-what erupts. Becker tackles the latter with relish, and Judge Rosa has a Zen master’s patience with the former. 

Editorial: We'd rave about newspapers if they were invented today

By Ken Paulsen, president of the Newseum and the Freedom Forum, Washington, D.C., and former editor of USA Today

I can understand why newspapers are not viewed as trendy today. After all, they were really the iPods of 1690.

Editorial: Winning the gas lottery

Once in a while I spend a dollar or two and buy a Lottery ticket. I know that I have very little chance of beating the long odds and winning. I also know that playing the Lottery is simply paying a voluntary tax to New York State. But, I do it any way. I do it because I get a dollar’s worth of entertainment by daydreaming about how I would spend the proceeds if I won. I keep the ticket in my wallet for weeks after the drawing date because when I look at the numbers on my ticket and compare my numbers to the winning numbers, that’s when the dream ends and reality sets in.

Editorial: Time for a bridge compromise

Jim and Susan Kelly, owners of Susan’s Pleasant Pheasant Farm Bed and Breakfast in Halcottsville, received a letter last week telling them that Delaware County is starting eminent domain proceedings to take possession of their historic inn.
The reason for this action is so that the Halcottsville bridge, which is situated close to the inn, can be replaced.

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