At Your Service by Maggie Inge

At Your Service: Dec. 23, 2009

‘Tis the season in a time that is difficult for many and challenging for most. The pressure to give gifts worthy of our relationships calls and it is very difficult to answer without spending beyond our means. Yet the simple truth is that no amount of money can buy what matters most to those we love.

At Your Service: Dec. 9, 2009

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Those who understand the retail industry know that the sales garnered in these few weeks make or break the annual profitability of most stores. It is especially critical for small independent stores like those that line our Main Streets.

At Your Service: Dec. 2, 2009

Main Street Margaretville was abuzz with people and activities on Saturday. Whether there to shop, watch or participate in the parade, a multitude of people were there following the dream of one person.

At Your Service: Nov. 25, 2009

It is Thanksgiving week and whatever our circumstances, there is much for which we can be thankful. Top of the list is that we are living in times dynamic enough to have spawned the likes of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles of Britain and Wendy Evanitsky.

At Your Service: Nov. 18, 2009

Just as I was sitting to write this column, an eight-point buck bounded into my yard. He stood less than 50 feet from my door; his rack arched up and back as he surveyed the territory. After deeming it secure, he snapped the ends off low lying branches, munched on the high grasses and flox in my garden and made a small parade of himself.

At Your Service: Nov. 11, 2009

Thanksgiving Day may still be a couple of weeks away, but this week begins the season of PDAs – public displays of appreciation. Yes, this week nominations for the 12th Annual Catskill Best Service Awards begin.

At Your Service: Nov. 4, 2009

On Sunday evening, I took a Halloween Journey, an extraordinary and magical adventure presented by Kids in the Katskills. Along the way, I had an up-close and personal encounter with Sojourner Truth. Born a slave on the Hardenbergh estate in Ulster County, she became many things after gaining her freedom in 1827, including an advocate for freedom and justice. I couldn’t help but ponder what she would think of the times in which we are living.

At Your Service: Oct. 21, 2009

This weekend, after the flurries stopped and the sun pushed the clouds away, I raked the leaves in my yard. It was exhilarating to be out in the crisp autumn air and stretching my muscles. In point of fact, it was colder than was comfortable and the leaves had composted just enough to make the task a chore.

At Your Service: Sept. 30, 2009

With the turn of the seasons comes falling leaves and, unfortunately for most local businesses, the falling off of sales. The painfully slow economy has already made this year challenging and many businesses are short of the funds to carry the business through the down time. This makes it a perfect time to be creative with ways to boost sales and/or do those time-intensive business chores.

At Your Service: Sept. 23, 2009

This week I put three score years behind me. The most startling thing about reaching these landmark ages is how many clichés it evokes. “I don’t feel that old.” “We used to…” “The time just flew by.” “I remember when…”
Even more typically, it leads me to reflect upon lessons learned and shifting priorities.

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