At Your Service by Maggie Inge

At Your Service by Margaret Inge is a weekly column that examines a number of business issues directly related to the Central Catskills’ service economy.

At Your Service: Oct. 13, 2010

A local merchant recently made a purchase at Sears and was lamenting the loss of service quality since its merger with K-Mart. Indeed, it is the decline in general service quality at the “big box” stores that gives our local businesses an edge.

at Your Service: Sept. 29, 2010

My grandmother was courted in a horse drawn surrey and lived to see men walk on the moon. She lived over 100 years even though her parents were told at her birth that she could not be expected to live beyond her fourth birthday. The reason she was considered doomed: a heart murmur.

At Your Service: Sept. 22, 2010

The Internet and its related technologies have changed just about every aspect of our lives and especially the ways that we do business. If you do not have an Internet presence for your business, now would be a good time to change your plans and get on the web, especially if yours is a local retail business.

At your service: Sept. 8, 2010

“Why are your prices so high?” asked the young woman in the designer t-shirt.

While the question held no intentional rancor, the unspoken implication that this customer was feeling cheated put the woman behind the counter on the defensive. What followed was a lengthy conversation about the cost of doing business in a rural community.

At your service: Sept. 1, 2010

If you’ve found yourself putting off important tasks over and over again, you’re not alone. In fact, most of us procrastinate to some degree.